Exhibition Building

In the Exhibition building, you will find a variety of different displays; each devoted to a different theme from Rusk County’s past. Wedding dress displays, items from area schools, a photography studio, doctor’s office items, a collection of straight-blade razors, and much more can be found in the exhibition building.

Peer in to a kitchen setting from over half a century ago, examine the tools used by area doctors and dentists in a time before health care costs filled news headlines, and see the desk where Wisconsin Governor Jeremiah Rusk sat during his tenure. Inspect the recreation of the Tiffany/Lindoo Photography Studio and compare the equipment to the digital cameras that so many of us use today.

Included in the Tiffany/Lindoo Photography Display is a collection of tintypes Tintypes were a popular form of photography from the 1850’s to the early 1900’s. A tintype is a photograph made on a sheet of iron instead of a piece of paper. One of the tintypes in the collection dates to 1856.