Little Red Schoolhouse & Teacher's Cabin

Little Red Schoolhouse

Little Red SchoolhouseThe Little Red Schoolhouse was built about 1900. It was located in Section 7 of the Township of True, about three miles north of Glen Flora. The school was in operation until 1919 when the new central school was opened.

The school building was the first building to be located on the museum grounds at the Rusk County Fairgrounds. The building was moved in 1974 and after two years of restoration work, was dedicated in 1976. The Little Red School has continued to be the premier exhibit at the museum, particularly for the many children who visit to observe how the “3 Rs” were taught in great-grandma’s day.
The schoolhouse features a pump organ, school desks, books, and many other artifacts from schools during Rusk County’s early days.

Teacher’s Cabin

Teacher's CabinThe teacher’s cabin was built in 1915. It was home to teachers who taught in the Wilson State Grade School 2nd Class in the Town of Willard. It was last used in 1937.

The cabin was donated to the “Dogville” community by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ralston. They, in turn, gave it to the Rusk County Historical Society. The cabin was moved to its current location at the Rusk County Historical Society Museum grounds on August 24, 1989.
The Teacher’s Cabin houses many early 1900’s furnishings that one would expect to find in an early home including a pump organ, sewing machine, loom, and a hand operated washing machine. Stop in to see what life was like for early rural teachers.