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Wisconsin Plow Museum

Ed’s Machine Shed is Wisconsin’s unique plow museum featuring a collection of over 3 dozen restored plows and tractors from the early 1900s. The collection was donated by Ed Tomasovich. Each plow and tractor was disassembled, hand sanded, painted, and reassembled.


To continue with updates, additions, and renovations, the Rusk County Historical Society Museum relies on donations. If you enjoy history or have enjoyed the exhibits at the museum, please consider donating.

Buildings & Displays

The Rusk County Historical Society Museum features 13 buildings and outdoor displays of historical items from Rusk County and the State of Wisconsin.

The Geodesic Dome Anishinaabe Exhibit Building

The Geodesic Dome Exhibit Building
Native American Displays learning about Rusk Counties first residents, the Ojibwe Culture.

The '20s House

Celebrating the times that our Grandparents and Great Grandparents lived in.

The Vintage Building

Collections from Rusk Counties past. Wonderful displays of our Heritage.

Little Red Schoolhouse

Little Red Schoolhouse
A glimpse into the days of the one room schoolhouse.

Teacher's Cabin

Teacher's Cabin
This Cabin was last used in 1937. Showcases the way of life of Rural Teachers.

Flambeau Mine Visitors Center

Flambeau Mine Visitors Center
The Mine operated as a Copper and Gold mine between 1993 to 1997.

Gates County Courthouse

Gates County Courthouse
A real Courthouse, that was renamed Rusk County Court house in 1905 and was used from 1902 until 1996.

Henry Golat/Welcome Building

Henry Golat Building
The building where research begins. Books by local authors about times
gone by are on display and for sale.

The Veterans Building

Honoring the Veterans of Rusk County from all branches of service and many different time periods.

The Log Cabin

Log Cabin
Fully furnished replica of a log cabin used by Wisconsin’s early settlers.

The Logging Equipment & Farm Building

Logging & Farm Equipment
Fascinating displays of Logging and Farming equipment from our past.

Outdoor Displays

Several Outdoor displays including larger Farm Equipment, Glen Flora
Jail, a NATO tank, and Railroad Section House/Rail
Shelter. Equipment and History of the Soo Line and Wisconsin Central

Research Materials

Research Materials
Use our library of Research materials to locate a grave, or an obituary, find relatives, or Veterans Information an old High School Annual or Plat Book and much much more.