The Log Cabin

The Log Cabin is the first building that you come to after exiting the Welcome building. This replica of a typical log cabin of the era is full of all the things that a pioneer family needed on a daily basis to live in the wilderness that much of Rusk County was in the 1800s. A log cabin was built many times as the first shelter that pioneers to the area erected. Once inside you can appreciate the work that went into cutting peeling and notching the timbers and then chinking the space between the logs and making a cozy home with a stone fireplace on one end to heat it.
Children love the stories told by the tour guides who show them how water was pumped with the hand pump if they were lucky enough to have a well inside or near the house. And also the games that kids liked to play then: Jacks and Marbles, Checkers, and card games. A must see and experience stop while at the Museum.