Henry Golat Building

Henry Golat Building
After the acquisition of the Little Red School House, it was clear that many buildings would eventually be added to the Rusk County Historical Societies’ grounds.
The first building that you enter is the Henry Golat Building. Henry was an avid Historian and a very active member of the Historical Society. The Welcome Building staff can point you in the direction of documents that you might be looking for that chronicle burial records, newspapers from the early 1900s, the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, along with photo albums, school annuals, and plat books. 
So many forms of information available for researchers into the history of the people from Rusk County that includes information about industry and business people, logging, railroads education, and farming.
Sign the Museum Guest Book and browse the titles in the Book Store, filled with books written by well-known persons from the area. Check out the story of Education The History of Rural Schools of Rusk County, the one-room schools that later grew into the larger school districts that we know today. 
Books about the first years of our county The History of Gates County
Somewhere in France a book compiling the history of Rusk County Veterans in the First World War and Gone But Not Forgotten honoring Rusk Counties Fallen Heroes. 
Books that are written by well-known people from our area, who gave us a glimpse into their life as they started with a tract of land whose timber had been harvested. They were left with the task of removing stumps clearing the land and building a house and barn. The start of farming in Rusk County.