The Vintage Building

Hundreds of stories of our history can be told by the everyday items that our parents and grandparents used. Technology from the 1890’s up to the 1950s are lovingly curated and displayed to tell those stories.
One of the finest is Tiffany Studios. Blanche Tiffany was a pioneer with a big box camera, who she affectionately named “Big Bertha” Her photos chronicled early life in Rusk County, our towns, buildings, and prominent people.
Most memorable are her photos of the Great Train Wreck that happened very early in the morning on a stretch of track just outside of Tony in 1904. Blanche loaded up Big Bertha, hitched up the horses, and through her photos told the story of the tragic wreck of two trains and the loss of life of several including the engineer of one train and two passengers in the freight car.
Another important exhibit is the desk of Governor Jeremiah Rusk, who is the man for whom Rusk County is named.
The pioneer Doctors and Dentists, Barbers and Teachers, Lawyers and Bankers and Businessmen. Women like Lady Isabel Smith, wife of Charles Smith for whom he named the town. All of these people who first settled in Rusk County are honored with their own exhibit.