Wisconsin Plow Museum

Ed's Plow Museum

Unique to the state, Wisconsin’ s Plow Museum, also known as Ed’s Machine Shed, is a collection of 39 restored plows from 1915-1955. A few tractors are included in the collection. Donations are accepted for upkeep. It is handicapped accessible. Ladysmith resident Ed Tomasovich, who has acquired the collection over the years, donated it to the city in exchange for the construction of a building to house it. The red, barn-like 60 foot by 70 foot machine shed has 4,200 square feet of space with two extensions for overflow space.

The plow museum is Open by Appointment and 12:30p.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day at no charge.

Call Jim Woelfer, Curator at 715-532-6576 to schedule an appointment.

Ed Tomasovich is passionate about collecting and restoring antique farm plows. He has restored nearly 39 vintage plows and tractors. Each one meticulously disassembled, hand sanded, painted and reassembled piece by piece. Ed still vividly remembers growing up on a dairy farm in Rusk County. Ed has agreed to donate his renowned collection of 39 completely restored vintage plows to become a major part of the Rusk County Historical Museum.

Included in the plow & tractor collection are:

  • John Deere Model 4 Two Bottom General Purpose
  • John Deere Model 22 One Bottom Truss Frame
  • International Harvester Model 2 Little Wonder Two Bottom with Scotch Bottoms
  • Oliver Model 3-AXX 16″ Brush Breaker
  • LaCrosse Model 16 One Bottom 16″ Brush Breaker
  • Moline Model TK Two Bottom
  • Original 1935 John Deere D Plow Day Workhorse
  • 1947 John Deere M