The Logging Equipment & Farm Building

This Building houses the display of two of the largest industries that really built Rusk County.

The Logging and Farming Industries. Lumber was big business and lumberjacks came to Rusk County to harvest timber. The Railroads brought the supplies they needed and the rivers supplied the logger with a way to get their timber to the mills, by floating the logs down the river.

As the timbered acres emptied, the formally thick forest was now an almost blank canvas for farmers. Immigrants from Europe took this opportunity to own land and arrived with only what they needed to set about the task of removing the stumps left by the loggers. They cleared the land, built the house, and in a few years what used to be woods was now a farm with a barn and a cow or two and a team of workhorses. All their tools and their stories are told and on display in the Logging and Farm Building.